Saturday, May 21, 2011


photo @ Christian Durocher / Tahiti Presse

As I was reading about Gauguin, Brel, James Norman Hall and the many other artists who have contributed to the creation of the myth of a forgotten paradise I thought about today's artists who have come to Tahiti & her islands searching for their share of the legend. I realized that most of these artists are the witnesses of today's Tahiti, they are the Gauguins and Jacques Brels of the future. Tomorrow, history will recount that they built the myth, that they created the legend. 

on a bed of hibiscus 

One of the artists who have captured my attention is Christian DELOFFRE. I have never had the pleasure of meeting him but I secretly dream that someday I will model for him... Indeed, I believe that, one day, Deloffre will be referred to as one of the 21st century artists who have cultivated the myth of the vahine. He who paints timeless Tahitian women draped in pareos in languid positions has two obsessions:  nudes and Polynesian women's hair.

Today, Deloffre is one of Tahiti's main artist. He exhibits at the Reva Reva gallery in Papeete, so if you are in town, do not miss it, you will embark on a voyage through sensuality, rich colors and simple beauty.

photo @ Christian Durocher / Tahiti Presse - Christian Deloffre during one of his exhibitions

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