Thursday, May 5, 2011


Photo by John Stember

Electric blue, turquoise, azure, dark blue, indigo, ultramarine, light jade, emerald, iridescent green...a variety of shades of blues and greens often used to describe Tahiti and her islands' amazing lagoons which no artists's palette could ever measure up to.

aerial view of the reef of Bora Bora @ Pierre Lesage / Tahiti Tourisme

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away"

It is no wonder that the first explorers thought they had found paradise when they arrived in Tahiti and her islands, the largest marine territory in the world. How could one resist the appeal of such dreamy seascapes where  sea and  sky meet in an explosion of hypnotic colors.  An invitation to the voyage, a journey between heaven and earth where it is impossible not to fall in love with such alluring sceneries.

Bora bora @ / Tahiti Tourisme

In some islands, the immensity of the lagoon is awe-inspiring... Fakarava (listed on UNESCO's world heritage list) has a lagoon which stretches over more than 56 km. Rangiroa's lagoon could nearly contain the island of Tahiti.

  aerial view of Rangiroa @Philippe Bachet / Tahiti Tourisme

The lagoons of French Polynesia have not only attracted travelers searching for exotic horizons, they have also fascinated artists from all horizons. Henri Matisse describes this irresistible attraction best as he says:

 "Aren't you (Tahiti Lagoons) one of the seven wonders of the Paradise of painters"

These fascinating lagoons have been an inspiration to artists and photographers from all around the world, intoxicating body of water and colors in which in which losing oneself is so easy. Oh, the luxury of spending your days contemplating the horizon lost in dreams of mermaids and hidden paradise.

Photo by John Stember

Come discover the colours of paradise, the smell of the ocean, the beauty of infinite lagoons in search of beauty, authenticity and unspoiled sceneries, but remember, dreams and beauty are fragile gifts that require great care and respect.

Photo by Alexander Shelton

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