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Bora Bora needs no introduction. Novelist James Michener described Bora Bora as the most beautiful island in the world and the "Pearl of the Pacific" is considered one of the most desirable and romantic islands to visit. Its very name induces a state of intense reverie and visitors often lack the words to describe the feeling of awe that overwhelms them when arriving in this mythical island.

According to the legend, "Pora Pora" (the first born in Tahitian) is believed to be the first island to have risen from the waters after the creation of Raiatea. It seems that its ancient name, "Mai Te Pora", meaning created by the Gods, predestined the island to greatness.

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How do you describe paradise? A place of timeless enchanting beauty, this volcanic island with a palm-fringed coral reef that forms a lagoon of crystal clear water where a myriad of multi-coloured fish play, unaware of the curious visitors.

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The island is a 50 minute flight from Tahiti and you will first discover its beauty when landing at the airport which has been built on motu Mute, a small islet off the main land. A boat shuttle will take you to your hotel or to the main land where your paradisiac holiday can start. 

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Time will stop once you land and you will wish you had more time to enjoy the magic of the island. Whether you dream of a romantic hideaway, an unforgettable experience, an escape to your own tropical paradise or an exotic adventure, Bora Bora will fulfill your dreams.

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Just take the time to breathe and fall in love...Fall in love with Mount Otemanu, standing proud at the center of the island, fall in love with the warm turquoise lagoon, fall in love with your overwater bungalow, just fall in love...

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Bora Bora is the place where dreams take over reality... enjoy the magic and be enchanted.


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