Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is the flag of French Polynesia, with an outrigger in the central disk over a stylized emblem of the sun and sea. When you live in the place most people in the world consider as being paradise on earth, you are bound to be bombarded with millions of questions. This gave me the idea of beginning our journey here, in Tahiti & her islands...With 5 archipelagoes, 118 islands, a melting pot of races and influences, French Polynesia alone should keep us busy for quite a while if we want to truly explore the diversity and riches of my country. Of course, you can always visit the tourist board's official website to find all the details to plan your trip here, so I will not be substituting myself to this exhaustively informative website. Instead I will be sharing personal experiences, introducing people I believe are worth talking about and so on. You will basically see Tahiti & her islands through my eyes.

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