Thursday, April 7, 2011


All photos are blogger's own

"At sunset, Nature is painting for us... day after day... pictures of infinite beauty"

All of the photos above have been taken from my house in Tahiti...yet, none of them is the same. Every night, I sit on the beach, contemplating the horizon as the sun slowly sinks into the ocean to die. Not so much the end of a day, but the promise of a tomorrow, a new day, a new chance to experience the wonders of nature and life. 

By just turning your head a few millimeters, waiting an extra 5 minutes, you'll get a completely different experience of the same sunset. Imagine, thousands, millions of people each day contemplating the same miracle, all of them in a different way. Multiply this by all the different locations they could be at... One could spend a lifetime chasing sunsets and would see multitude of different sunsets everyday. As sure as the sun rises each day, you will never experience the same sunset twice. This is one of the many gifts nature has for us. 

Remains the question of the best spot to admire a sunset from... I am yet to decide on this and will surely share with you photos taken from different locations in future posts. I must say that for now, Paea in TAHITI seems like a good starting point...and I wish you were here to witness it too.


  1. omg! I totally wish I ll be there someday to witness it too! Until then, do post pictures like these, you make my day!

  2. Thanks Rouli, will do... I am taking pictures from another location :-) coming soon!



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