Monday, June 27, 2011

Tahiti & her islands' underwater world

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Tahiti & her islands' turquoise lagoons beckon to you with some of the world's most awesome underwater adventures. Whether you dream of swimming with dolphins, feeding sharks, petting sting rays or just snorkel in amazing coral gardens, we have it all.

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For scuba aficionados, the island of Rangiroa, is among the world's best diving spots. The underwater fauna is simply breathtaking. Finding yourself in Tiputa pass surrounded by hundreds of sharks, whether  silver tip, black tip, white tip, hammerhead, lemon or nurse is a  thrilling experience you will never forget. Add to the sharks eagle rays, a multitude of fish, the occasional whale and dolphins and you have the recipe for a diver's paradise! Relax, no need to be a diving expert, whatever your level, the experience will still be magical.

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Swimming with sharks not your thing? Why not enjoy swimming and petting sting rays in Bora Bora? The majestic animals can also be very cuddly and don't forget to kiss them goodbye before you leave!

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For those looking for more traditional encounters, snorkeling is a preferred nautical activity in Tahiti & her islands and you will be truly amazed by the colors surrounding you. You can find a great variety of coral gardens in the islands and I guarantee you will not tire exploring the lagoon.

@ National Geographic

For those who like huge animals, september is a great season for whale observation and obviously, the island most famous for whales is Rurutu.

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@ Charles Hood

Also a magical experience: encounters with turtles and dolphins.

@Greg Le Bacon / Tahiti Tourisme

and of course you could always see a mermaid or two!

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